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2000 explorer limited 4.0 moisture woes

-sigh- i'm currently chasing electrical gremlins in a 2000 limited. the car was ok apparently until the drivers window wouldn't roll up before we got it. the previous owners duct taped plastic to cover the open space. first thing i did was wire jumpers since the roll down worked but not up so i could get the window up. now that i have it dry inside i'm working on the lights on the dash. (getting them off) the ABS light is on and it indicated a bad sensor on the rear diff, had a spare and replaced it but no bueno, i've been told that there is an electrical connector that is somewhere under the drivers seat that could be corroded but they didn't know inside or outside the car, or if under the carpet, or ??

i fixed the srs light and code already but am also getting the OD light flashing, which according to previous owners it wasn't doing before being parked over a winter.

finally i can unlock doors from drivers door, but lock works only from cargo area and the passenger front door can't unlock or lock... any suggestions? also when remote is working i can only unlock from it iirc.

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Seems like the prior owner didn't keep up with repairs and there's more than one thing wrong. It happens once a vehicle value drops below a certain point.

ABS - I doubt a connector under the carpet, more likely under the door sill molding if there's a connector in that area inside the cabin, or under the vehicle.

I would wonder how likely their assessment is correct and try to trace the wire from the sensor going towards the front of the vehicle. Using a multimeter and observing wire color you can do a continuity probe on the wire by connecting one end to the connector and the other, insulation piercing wire probe if there is no exposed metal in an area you want to test.

If you pierce insulation outside the vehicle cabin, and it's a larger area than a needle prick so it won't self-seal, I would have a little "sensor safe" RTV sealant on hand to just smear a tiny blob on the pierced area to weatherproof it.

OD Light - check the transmission fluid level, top off if low and check for leaks. IIRC it could instead be a a torque converter failing, or something else that I don't know (transmission is not my forte).

Door locks - You might have a frayed wire in the rubber boot in the driver's door hinge area, or the master switch in the armrest might have partially failed. Master switch seems likely because a leaking driver's window could corrode it as inside behind the switches it's just a bare sheet metal contact design, not remotely weatherproof, though I would pull the connector off and see if it's corroded before buying a new switch, and if you can find a wiring diagram of that switch panel you can check continuity when buttons are pressed, with a multimeter.

Since driver's door is used most, it is the most likely hinge where wires may have frayed, but passenger door is also possible, as are any that are frequently used.

Remote Locking - There are springs in the door latch, and inside the door, which may fail over time. You might want to take the door panel off, inspect the area, use a multimeter to check for power getting to it or movement/sound when you try to lock and unlock, or see if the mechanism works if you jumper 12V to it from a battery.
Please post your vehicle year/model/engine/(n)WD in help topics.

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