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96 Explorer Noises

Ok, last week I replaced the front disc pads and rotors on the front of my vehicle. I made sure the rotors were balanced inside the disc calipers and disc after viewing the rotor having a wavy motion when I turned the rotor by hand. I also applied anti-seize lubricant on all the parts which came in contact with the rotors and calipers. All bolts were also torqued to specifications. The brakes work fine.

However, when I crank my truck there is a momentary noise as if the motor mount was loose or broke on the driver's side. I hear No noises while driving. Yet the engine appears a bit sluggish than it normally felt before. I also noticed the driver' side stabilizer rod bushing which connects to the lower "A" frame was in shreds. I also thought it could be a ball joint since there is a great deal of popping noises when I am driving and hit the bumps.

It's got to be one of the 3 items I discussed. But what makes me scratch my head is that all this started "after" changing the front disc and rotors.

Does anyone have any ideas what could be causing this popping noise? CV Joint will make a popping noise when turning to the left or right -- if they are sincerely worn or cracked, that is. I didn't detect a worn wheel bearing, But I did notice the driver's side tie rod ball joint showed some heavy wear. Yet like I said, I wasn't having any popping noises before changing my front disc or rotors.

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The only thing I can think of that would make the two connected in relation is when you jacked the explorer up, where did you jack it from and what did you use? Raising fron the lower control arm if the jack were to slip or be placed in the wrong position..hey we have all done it not paying attention..you could do anything from damage the lower ball joint to damage the bottom portion of the stabilizer bushing bolt to damage to the CV joint itself if it slipped ...you just never know. That's only what it could be by doing the brakes and having it make noise now. Other than slipping while torquidken the caliper bolts and pushing the wrench or socket into the CV joint..happened too..but with no change in ride during driving it seem like more of a stabilizer bolt and bushing problem.ball joint will cause vibration at highway speed. CV joint will click or sound like a bag of marbles mibjnf around if damaged and rolling at low speed.tie rod will cause wobbles and vibration Driving. So that's where it leads me without seeing it in person. And totally doable when changing the brake pads.
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You need someone under the vehicle while another is cranking it, to try to narrow down that noise source.

Sluggish engine, maybe just bad fuel, maybe due for spark plug and wire replacement, and/or check the fuel pressure, and hook up a scan tool for a live data stream to check fuel trims. Obviously things like a clogged air filter could also cause it.

Not sure what you mean by side stabilizer rod bushing, unless you mean the sway bar end link, which is a common item to have bushing failure or entire rod (long bolt) rust through. The end links are relatively cheap and easy to replace, maybe a little annoying if the nut is rusted on and you have to cut or grind it off.

I would definitely repair that before wondering about ball joints, see if the noise goes away, but yes the bal joints could be due for replacement by now too.

It's not surprising to have a bushing go out when you make the wheel and arms travel through a wider range of travel by jacking it up to do the brakes.

If you need a new tie rod, certainly replace that too. If you are careful in noting the adjustment on it prior to removal, you "might' be able to replace it without having an alignment done... up to you, monitor tire wear either way.

Otherwise just look over everything good, pushing, prying, having someone turn the wheels (keeping in mind that if you turn the wheels with the engine off, air will probably get into the steering system and need bled out by a few full left stop to right stop turns of the wheel while driving).
Please post your vehicle year/model/engine/(n)WD in help topics.

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