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How to increase gas milage on my 98 v8 explorer xlt awd

Ok heres the deal i have a stock 98 v8 xlt awd explorer and i am looking to increase my gas milage, i get about 14 around town and 15mpg highway...What would you guys do to increase it? , i am probably looking to get a exaust and a intake hopefully that will help....Also do you know anyone who makes headers for the explorer? t hanx

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I have the headers, but unfortunately your chances are very very slim of ever seeing a set, they've been disontinued for quite a while.

You may see a 1 mpg increase with the exhaust and intake, but that's about it. The awd 5.0 is notoriously bad on gas.

A chip may also help a little, but usually requires the use of super (if you aren't already using it) offsetting your cost.

I usually don't see many people claiming more than 16mpg in one, so you are that far off.
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Best way: don't drive it.

The fact is, if you're getting 14-15 mpg now, you're doing great. I get about 16/city 19/hwy so if you're getting close to that with AWD, you're doing pretty well.

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Re: How to increase gas milage on my 98 v8 explorer xlt awd

cobra8762: You should be able to do a little better on the highway than 15 mpg. Even stock I could pull around 18 on the highway and since my mods I have been able to do between 19-20 mpg. Now mind you this is conservative driving without much pedal stomping.

The first thing you may want to do is put a fresh set of plugs in and make sure everything is tuned well and running right. If your ignition and emissions systems aren't up to snuff you may be loosing mileage because of that. If you are running stock tires/wheels go with about 36-37 psi which will lower the rolling resistance. If you drive a lot of hills and grades that will lower your mileage too, even if it is at constant highway speeds.

Mods will net you very little in the way of fuel mileage. Intake and exhaust help, but as mentioned only maybe a mpg or so. After intake, headers, exhaust, and chip I still see almost identical mileage.
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My '97 LXT 5.0 AWD 3.73LS get's about 17.4 MPG, it has 94k on it, my wife dirves it, taking the kids to school (16miles each way, with stops turns etc...) I haven't had it on a long highway trip yet (only had it for 5-6 weeks) so I don't know what it will get on the highway. I still need to change plugs and wires, I did put in a K&N air filter... My wife dirves it like a 160 year old woman ( to save gas and tranny, etc..) Never floored it from a stop yet...hahaha but I did almost and it put me in the seat...not bad for a big heavy SUV..
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Guys, my 98 AWD Mountaineer does get 15-20 MPG also. Those of you with Limited models have the best tool to increase mileage. I get 17-19 in my normal driving. Towing through hills netted 12-14, while on a trip 16-20 was recorded.

The message center can show you instantaneous mileage. Use it to drive faster downhill, and slower uphill. Allowing the cruise control to maintain speed up hills wastes gas. Letting off the gas going down hills wastes kinetic energy(momentum).

These SUV's I bet all have 3.73 gears, thus turn too many RPM's at cruising speeds. I have a 1991 Explorer XLT 4x4 with 3.27 gears, and it gets better gas mileage.

The 3rd generation five speeds have the same four gears, plus a new 1st gear. They can achieve the same initial gearing(1-4) by changing to 3.08 ring and pinion gears.
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Check out "". Gas mileage, power, it's all there. Take a gander!

We also use a larger capacity oil filter (NAPA #1087) with Lucas oil additive. Every little bit helps.

Our latest tests with the headers and oil additive is 21.4 @68mph on cruise from San Diego to Anaheim, California, roughly a 90 mile trip. Most of the time we get between 20.5 to 21.2 with our '98 Eddie Bauer 4X4 test mule.

All the Best!

Bob Pasquale

Tech Performance & Engineering

Torque Monster Headers

P.O. Box 22088

San Diego, CA 92192
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