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Have no fear the hoopday whisperer is here!

Hello and just found your site and I am just a poor working class middle age guy that has to keep his hoopday and families hoopdays rolling. Always here to help if I can and to get advice as well. I have a 97 ranger reg cab short bed step side 2wd with a 3.0 and auto. Also my wife's 97 Ford explorer xlt with a 4.0 sohc 4wd and my sons new ride I just got him that's a 97 Ford explorer xlt 4.0 ohv 4wd that just replaced our now new parts vehicle,a 97 Ford explorer sport 4.0 ohv auto trans and 4wd. So I think I got the 97s covered and have had multiple second gens along the way. As far as me.. I don't take my vehicle to get it fixed I do it myself, if it'under a grand to buy then it's for me and love new and interesting ways of "alternative repair methods " that keep us rolling on a low budget. It may not be right but will get you by. Even if it is just to get home and save a tow..I'm the macguyver of the low budget vehicles and thus the name hoopday whisperer. I haven't met too many 2nd gens I haven't been able to ressurect from the grave,even if it was kicking and screaming the whole way out! I may not solve your issues but may just keep you laughing and entertained while your broke down! Glad to be here and hopefully for a long time to come.

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How silly of me!! The hoopday fleet! Oh and by the way.. I did not pay more than 350.00 for any of these vehicles. I can't stand to see good vehicles get thrown away.
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Envy you! I have 5 vehicles here, and only 3 are Fords. 2 Explorers!!! Hint is, in my other post today, there is a link, as the V6 SOHC engines have a plastic thermostat housing, and the dealer prices will kill a decent bank account!!! I buy on ebay, for $17.02, shipping included, the entire housing with all the parts already installed! Includes the new sensors and thermostat! Then get a bypass hose to trim to length, to match the old one at a local auto parts store. The ones I ordered on line were great, new, but, are about the same price as local ones. I am new here, today, but, I am 70 and have always bought used. New wears off when you drive off the sales lot, and it depreciates about 30+%!!!

One real money saving thing, WE only run 5W20 Full Synthetic Shell Oil, marketed as Tech Syn at Walmart, in 5 quart jugs for $17.xx. When used with the Fram Ultra Synthetic filter, it is good for 12 months, and up to 15,000 miles! That Ultra Filter is made of lambs wool, so it does filter synthetic oil. On the oil filter box is the warranty! it is $8.97 for most of he Ultra filters by Fram.

Having a fleet of 5 vehicles, we would pay $480 a year for conventional oil changes, in our driveway, so, we only spend a total of $132.25 using synthetic, a savings of $347.75, BUT, with synthetic oils, as from the factory these vehicles came, we actually get better economy.

Fleet Mileage testing economy, is why makers run synthetic oils and lubricants in new vehicles since at least 1996 (the rear axle in all Fords, and transaxles/automatic transmissions since 2000).

Many of our vehicles have 140,000 to 290,000 and run like new with synthetic oil! Ford transmissions run Synthetic Mercon, while the rear axles run a lifetime fill of synthetic lube. Expected life is over 500,000 miles! Volvos can do a million, so why not Fords, who "owned" Volvo so long!!!

Most maker's warranties since 2000 are voided if any petroleum oil is ever put into the engine! Proof is simply that there is a film of varnish inside the valve cover, and engine, and on the parts exposed to engine oil when they replace any oil sensor/ part at the dealer. Synthetic doesn't break down until it is hotter than 1375 degrees F, so, it never forms varnish in normal operation.
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^ You must have just stopped here after visit the Bobistheoilguy forums.

These did not come from the factory with synthetic oil. That is typically specified in the owner's manual when it is the case.

Most warranties are not void by using petroleum oil. It merely has to adhere to the oil grade specs in the manual.

I'm not sure where you're getting your misinformation but synthetic has a flash point around 400F to 500F, nowhere near as high as 1375F.

I'm not suggesting that synthetic oil doesn't have a higher breakdown temperature, and ultimately better than dino for *most* purposes, but you're acting like it's a religion that needs to be spread in off-topic posts. The truth is, most people never benefit much from switching once a vehicle is this old, rather they just start getting oil leaks because it does too good a job of cleaning out sludge that was sealing shrunken gaskets/rings/etc.
Please post your vehicle year/model/engine/(n)WD in help topics.

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