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2007 explorer

My turn signals and brake lights don't work
I've checked the fuses all good
They work on the inside also hazards work good on inside
I'm stumped it's my daily and would like to try and fix my self "with ideas" I'm a single dad and can't afford to take to shop at 85 dollars a hour
I've checked bulbs all seem good
Could it be the multi function or the clock spring? Any info plz and thank you

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Did you check both fuse boxes, the one on the side of the dash and the one under the hood?

Find a relay diagram for yours in case a relay is bad. Often, the same type of relay is used in more than one circuit so you can troubleshoot one bad circuit by swapping the same type of relay from another known working circuit, to see if the problem follows the relay or stays on the same circuit.

Otherwise, I am not familiar with what you refer to as multi function or clock spring, can you elaborate? It may just be that it is a late hour here but I wanted to ask for more info to expedite things.

Seek a circuit diagram and with a multimeter in hand you can trace the circuit through the wiring to see where the power supply (voltage) stops.

If nothing else, continuing to post with more detail will bump the post up to the top so more people see it.
Please post your vehicle year/model/engine/(n)WD in help topics.

'98 Explorer XLT 4L SOHC 4WD
'14 Explorer XLT 3.5L NA AWD
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JC has a good idea about checking the relays, my sons blower fan quit working and he swapped a relay in the under hood relay box and determined it was the relay and not the switch that was bad. After that, I would try new brake light bulbs because I've seen many bulbs over the years that looked good but weren't good! Are your dash signal indicators flashing faster than usual? If they are, it's a bulb out. It would be rare that both bulbs would burn out at the same time but stranger things have happened. I'm also assuming you checked the bulb sockets for corrosion?
I believe the clockspring only handles the steering wheel switches and horn, not the turn signals so i doubt it's that.
Next I'd check the multifunction switch (JC, that's the turn signal switch that also has high beam switch and sometimes has the wiper controls too, hence that name multi-function instead of just turn signal switch;-) I always pick up a good used multifunction switch at a U-Pull it junkyard and keep it as a spare to check if the turn signals stop working and it's not the bulbs or a fuse.
After that, it's time for wire tracing looking for broken wire(s). Good luck and keep us posted.
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