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good day, trying to help a friend

he has a 96' 4l v6 auto 4wd 4r55e....
first trans would barely go into gear and would rev up and not move, so he dropped that one and bought a new (to him) one with 96k on it, put it in and same thing, revs but wont go into gear....any help would be appreciative.

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There is an issue with the slippage of the gear pointer, in the window in the instrument cluster. That starts with the indicator pointing to the wrong P R N D 2 1 digit. So, it never indicates when it is in Park, only showing Reverse. Drive is Neutral, and somewhere above 2, is really Drive.

It is 'fun' to get on your back, under the steering column, and adjusting the bolt that you cannot see, which is on the shift indicator mechanism, above the steering column.

Now, if the transmission is genuinely not shifting when it is in Drive, first thing to check is that there is proper level of synthetic ATF in the transmission. Type VI Mercon/Dexron ATF is synthetic, as these automatic transmissions run warm and regular ATF burns off in normal use. That leaves a build up of carbon on all the parts, so that failure comes early.

Also, there is more to learn, after you confirm that all fluid levels are good. Yes, low radiator coolant can cause other systems in the drivetrain to run hot, and fail early.
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In addition to AirForceVeteran's recommendations there could be a problem with the shifter linkage at the transmission. Try moving the shift lever on the driver's side under the vehicle by hand. CAUTION: MAKE SURE VEHICLE CANNOT MOVE WITH ENGINE RUNNING! obviously you are under it with engine running. That being said, you can feel the detents as you move the shift lever. Coordinate them with your gear indicator using the adjuster AirForceVeteran mentioned.

I had a problem where the indicator said PARK but the shift linkage was actually in REVERSE and the truck would not start.

Good luck
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