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engine knock

last 4 days when I turn engine on, I get a really loud knocking. it only knock till engine begins to warm up, like about 2min. after that it's running and sounding as it should.
I'm not sure if this 4.0 v6 has rods, or camshaft and lifter per head

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The 3rd gen 02-05 has a SOHC instead of rods.

Is the check engine light coming on and if so what are the OBDII codes? If it is only briefly doing it and hasn't set the light on yet, then I would suspect a short period of misfires.

If it only happens when the engine is cold, I'd wonder if you have weak spark due to either a weak battery (combined with cold ambient temperature, OR the alternator isn't charging it properly), or old or damaged plug wires or plugs.

If it is VERY cold out, you might instead have partially clogged injector(s) that aren't misting the fuel enough so it's just condensing against the cylinder walls till they warm up a bit. I'd ignore that possibility till you rule out electrical and if you haven't change the plugs and wires in recent years, now might be a good time to do so, and check battery voltage with a multimeter. Rarely an ignition coil might short out when cold but warm up and be fine but more often would continue to be a problem instead.
Please post your vehicle year/model/engine/(n)WD in help topics.

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