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Hello all, I recently had an issue with my passenger side turn signal and brake light not working, 2002 Ford Explorer, which led me to taking the covers off of the steering column, this has engaged the anti theft feature and now it wont even turn over, everything works, lights, just wont turn over at all. I have disconnected the battery, looked thru fuses, but I'm at a stand still. This model has keyless entry. If anyone can help I sure appreciate the advice, thankyou

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Is the anti-theft light blinking rapidly when you turn the key?

I would guess that you either accidentally damaged the transceiver module around the lock cylinder which is the receiver for the chip in the key, or possibly got lucky and just knocked the connector off it, OR manipulating the steering column and wiring might have shorted out or otherwise damaged the wires to it.

Otherwise, there is no sensor that could detect that the cover for the steering column was removed.

Keyless entry is a separate feature independent of PATS anti-theft.

I don't have a wiring diagram for an '02, but I can tell you that while your turn signal does go through the multi-function switch on the steering column, that the brake light does not.

The brake light is a simpler circuit so I would check it first. There should be a fuse in your interior fuse panel. I don't know the fuse # on an '02 but it should be in the owner's manual which you can find with a google search for 2002 Ford Explorer Owner's Manual. I would also check corrosion of the bulb socket, and whether the socket is making good ground (continuity or resistance measurement on a multimeter to any chassis ground point). Of course you should also check to make sure you don't have burnt out light bulbs... it is now 18 years old after all.
Please post your vehicle year/model/engine/(n)WD in help topics.

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Thanks for responding anything at this point is help, lol. First thing I checked of course were the bulbs and sockets, then fuses, a post led me to the steering column, which had read, the use of tilt wheel, causes a short, well now the short is least of my worries cause now it will not turn over, the theft light is blinking, and I'd say it's a rapid blonk..
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