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2020 Ford Explorer issues/help needed

I am a long time Ford customer, my very first car was a 2002 Ford Focus and now almost 20 years later I have only owned Ford vehicles. My most recent vehicle is the 2020 Ford Explorer, but I am not writing to express how impressed or pleased I am with the new design and quality; instead I am writing to express my disappointment and frustration, and how after almost 20 years as a loyal Ford customer, I am very close to walking away from my new vehicle and begin my patronage elsewhere.

This past November, my husband and I decided it was time for a new vehicle. I was nine months pregnant and we wanted something bigger and safer in anticipation of the birth of our first child. On November 9, 2019, we visited Freehold Ford and leased a new 2020 Ford Explorer. A week later we brought the vehicle back to Freehold Ford to install a remote starter and to tint the windows. Upon leaving the dealership, the car started to make very loud noises. We pulled over immediately and noticed a liquid pouring out of the exhaust. We called the dealership and were told to come right back. We left the car there for a few days, but the Service department was unable to find a problem. Reluctantly, we returned home with the vehicle. In early December, shortly after the birth of our child, the vehicle displayed about nine different alerts, including one for power train failure. We contacted the dealership and they told us to bring in the car immediately.

Fast forward a month later, the vehicle is still not fixed and the Service department still does not know what the issue is. They had to order various different parts and each one did not solve the problem. They are now waiting on another part which is currently backordered, but they aren’t even sure if this part will solve the problem, we have to wait until it comes in and see if it works. Concerned about safety, especially with a newborn, and frustrated that we continue to make monthly payments for a vehicle not in our possession, we contacted Ford Customer Service and were assigned a case manager, Ornellia (Case #CAS25276068), who told us that we qualified for a vehicle buy back and we would be contacted by the RAV department. We were then contacted by TanyaLynn Kaczmarek (Case #339345) who explained that we have two options- find a new vehicle with the same MSRP as our vehicle or return the vehicle and be reimbursed for our down payment and payments made to date. We weren’t very happy with this “solution,” but said we would review the paperwork, which was to be sent to our home and via email, but we have not received either yet. We have left several messages for TanyaLynn, but she has been unresponsive. Our attorney and the dealership have also tried to reach her but were unsuccessful. The dealership (the only ones that have been trying to help and convince us to stay Ford customers) checked their inventory and they do not have the exact vehicle in stock, they have similar versions but they have a slightly higher MSRP, which is why they tried reaching TanyaLynn to see if she would approve one of those vehicles given the inconvenience and terrible customer service we have experienced. I’d also like to mention that I don’t find the buy back offer to be a great solution for us; we put a lot of time and effort into selecting our vehicle already, why would we want to go through this again, especially now that we are busy with a newborn.

My husband and I are very close to deciding to reject the buy back offer and bring our business elsewhere, but I felt the need to share my experience one last time because I cannot imagine that the executive office at Ford would approve of the poor customer service we have experienced after our family was put in a seemingly unsafe vehicle. We have been patient as the dealership works to find what the problem is, we have compromised by driving an inferior model Edge as a loan vehicle, we have upheld our end of the agreement by making our monthly payments for a vehicle we do not have in our possession, we have not resorted to using our social media to complain or seek out others who have experienced a similar issue, and we offered Ford the opportunity to resolve this problem and keep us as customers. Why are we trying so hard to remain Ford customers when Ford doesn’t seem to value us? Why isn’t Ford reaching out to us to see what else they can do to resolve this problem and compensate us for all that we’ve been through? I am hoping that someone knows who else we can contact.

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Upon leaving the dealership, the car started to make very loud noises. We pulled over immediately and noticed a liquid pouring out of the exhaust.
Do you know what the liquid was that was pouring out of the exhaust?
Are you sure it was coming out of the exhaust?
Was it transmission fluid?
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Your post is so full of vague nonsense and drama that I suspect you're either just a troll, or have severe psychiatric problems.

Ford offered you a buyback and you were too foolish to see that was the optional solution and just get that done instead of whining.

Bringing your newborn baby into it, dear if that is the truth you really don't want to know what I think but you posted so I will too.

If this is how you handle life, for the good of your baby I hope it is taken way from you to be raised by someone who isn't so mentally ill. I am not trying to be mean or hurtful, rather I have a sincere interest in your innocent child not being subjected to your nonsense, which when you're dishing it out just seems like attitude, but to the child, it is abuse.

You really should not be breeding. Or driving on public roads alone, let alone with children in the vehicle. Please consult a psychiatrist.
Please post your vehicle year/model/engine/(n)WD in help topics.

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Ford Issues

I bought brand new Ford Explorer 2017 on Oct 2016. I was confident that buying a brand new car will give me less pain maintenance wise. But it was the other way around when selecting a wrong brand. I had several issues, i.e transmission, battery, brakes (front vibration when applying slight brake) etc...service maintenance is unsatisfactory. Ford is one of the pioneers in car manufacturing but up to now.....they haven't perfected their cars. I am done with Ford. This is my last.....
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