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Crazy dash light, car wont start

My wife's 2016 ford explorer decided that it wont start anymore out of the blue. the vehicle wont start and the dash warnings are going crazy. The lights stay bright when i try to start it, the car clicks when i push start it and i cant even get it into neutral. Any ideas what could cause this? Ive undone the battery and it sparks when i re connect it as well

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Most likely a bad battery. If the battery drops a cell, the total voltage will not start the vehicle. You can still have all the lights, horn, start click, but the battery needs replaced.

You can try getting a jump start - if that works, more evidence that the battery is bad, but it might have enough juice to keep running as you drive to the local AutoZone, Checkers, Walmart, etc. Get a free battery check and if bad - replace.

I like the AutoZone Duralast batteries, but there are other good brands.

Car batteries use to last 4-5 years (or more), but most batteries now die much sooner - 2-3 years is common. If you are still under warranty (3yr/36) Ford shoud replace.

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Agreed, the original factory battery would be old enough that it's due for replacement. Ford cheaped out a bit and put a low to mid grade battery in at the factory.

Also note that if you don't currently have a group 65 sized battery, that group 65 will fit, if you leave the battery insulation pad off (which is only needed for severe environments), and is both higher CCA capacity, and lower cost at most stores.

Usually the two cheapest places to get a decent *gold* upper tier flooded lead acid battery are Costco and Walmart, around $100 for group 65 with 850CCA.

After you replace the battery, it needs to sit without running for several hours (overnight) to recalibrate itself. Until then it might show a warning that it's in battery conservation mode, or whatever the right phrase is for that.
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