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  1. 2nd Generation Explorers | 1995-2001
    Alright I can not get the filter off. i bought this truck 6 months ago and i just started having problems with the truck that pointed towards the fuel filter. i worked on it for 7 hours today and i can not get it out. i tried the plastic tools for 3 hours and then gave up thinking i needed the...
  2. 2nd Generation Explorers | 1995-2001
    Im trying to figure out some cheap mods I can do to my 98 ford explorer anyone have any good suggestions
  3. 2nd Generation Explorers | 1995-2001
    Hay so iam new here and to fords in general. So i just buoght a 98 xlt explorer and it has a problem starting when its cold... either if i try to start it in the morning or after work it take about 3-4 tries to make it crank ove.. but rarely will it turn on in one shot, except if i had just...
  4. 2nd Generation Explorers | 1995-2001
    I have 98 explorer sport 6 cylinder single overhead cam, today I replaces the spark plug wires because I had an engine code that said the 6th cylinder was misfiring. I read a lot of threads and all suggested that I start with spark plug wires. I changed 3 of them along with the idle air control...
1-4 of 4 Results