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  1. Ambient Air Temperature Wrong

    5th Generation Explorers | 2011 - Present
    2013 Explorer - ambient temperature goes wonky every now and then, registered -4 here in Houston, TX last week! This also causes the A/C to not work. Took it to 2 Ford dealers, of course they can't "recreate" the problem. Going to just switch out the sensor myself (since it is $10), but I don't...
  2. Pre-Owned Explorer Mileage

    5th Generation Explorers | 2011 - Present
    Selling my 2003 and replacing it with a 2011-2013 model. I'm looking for the least amount of mileage while husband seems more interested in model year (newer is better, right?). So my very general question is money better spent on keeping the mileage between 50,000 - 80,000 miles rather than...
  3. 2013 Airbag off Switch

    5th Generation Explorers | 2011 - Present
    I am in the market to purchase a 2013 XLT and was just wondering if you can turn the front passenger airbag on/off?