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  1. 2005 Sport Electrical gremlins

    3rd Generation Explorers | 2002-2005
    Got a 2005 Explorer Sport back in 2014 as an ex-police auction. All the police equipment was removed and I have had lots of electrical problems since. The battery seems to keep dying if left connected. The alternator works fine ( runs without battery connected). The engine off resting...
  2. Explorer battery DIED again

    Hi, My 2011 Ford Explorer ORIGINAL battery died out of know where in October 2018. I originally bought the car off the showroom floor in 2012 and now have about 39000 miles on it. Battery NUMBER TWO died shortly thereafter. I had to recharge it every time i wanted to drive. If I drove the car...
  3. Panel shuts down

    3rd Generation Explorers | 2002-2005
    Good morning! I have a new problem with my 2005 Ford Exp. Yesterday while driving the whole instrument panel shut down-- as did the lights and music. I shut the car off- and then restarted- and it was all fine but a few minutes later it happened again. Also when I was accelerating, it...
  4. 2012 Explorer LTD - Interior Lights Stopped Working

    5th Generation Explorers | 2011 - Present
    Hi all, Background - Battery died 3 months ago and I had it replaced after a jump start. Vehicle has 45k miles on it and I have had it since 10 miles almost 39 months ago. For AZ the battery did well. My wife noticed the lighting issue may have started when the battery was replaced. Symptoms...