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  1. 2005 Sport Electrical gremlins

    3rd Generation Explorers | 2002-2005
    Got a 2005 Explorer Sport back in 2014 as an ex-police auction. All the police equipment was removed and I have had lots of electrical problems since. The battery seems to keep dying if left connected. The alternator works fine ( runs without battery connected). The engine off resting...
  2. Right Side Head Light not Working

    4th Generation Explorers | 2006-2010
    Hello, Yesterday we noticed the right side head light was not working. Neither high or low beam are working. Here's what I checked: No power getting to the plug at the back of the headlight bulb. All Fuses are intact (Fuse #29 is for the Right Side Head lights). Changed Bulb just because. How...
  3. Explorer battery DIED again

    Hi, My 2011 Ford Explorer ORIGINAL battery died out of know where in October 2018. I originally bought the car off the showroom floor in 2012 and now have about 39000 miles on it. Battery NUMBER TWO died shortly thereafter. I had to recharge it every time i wanted to drive. If I drove the car...
  4. Intermittent wiper and 1 speed not working

    4th Generation Explorers | 2006-2010
    Hi The intermittent wipers of my Explorer 2010 and speed 1 level are not working. Also the washer failed too. The second speed worked, don't stop correctly, but always turned on when needed. All other functions of the electrical functions are worked fine. Any idea?
  5. tockatockatockatocka...

    2nd Generation Explorers | 1995-2001
    ...is the sound that I get from the fuel pump on my '98 as long as the fuse in the main fuse box for the fuel pump & anti-theft system remains plugged in. Regardless, that is, of whether or not the key is turned on. Car won't start, no self-starter or anything. Get occasional immobilizer msgs...
  6. '00 ohv swap to sohc help

    2nd Generation Explorers | 1995-2001
    I had a 2 door 98 sohc and needed a 4 door. Came across a '00 4d that had an ohv engine in it. I didn't realize it was different than mine because most everything had been removed off the block. I had a friend help swap the engine, tranny, wiring harness and computer to the '00 and while putting...
  7. Electrical wiring on alternator?

    3rd Generation Explorers | 2002-2005
    I'm changing the alternator in my explorer. When removing the old one, I was pulling the three wiring connectors off and broke the little grey one in the middle with the single wire. I've taken pics so I could show the parts store people exactly which component I needed to replace. No one...
  8. 2004-Guage cluster/tail lights

    3rd Generation Explorers | 2002-2005
    Hey everyone, new to the group so I hope someone can help me out. I bought my explorer about 2 months ago. I just put in a new radio and now my gauge cluster wont light up and tail lights don't work. Everything in the cluster is still operational and working correctly, just wont light up...