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  1. 4th Generation Explorers | 2006-2010
    I watched the video and figured out how to remove the console and push the pin back in at the base of the gear shift. But the key keeps getting stuck on an almost weekly basis. Is a more permanent fix just a quick replacement of the pin? Where do I get the new part?
  2. 5th Generation Explorers | 2011 - 2019
    Just purchased Base Explorer. I was surprised it didn't come with a valet key like my 2010 F-150. A local lock smith cut an 80 bit blank and tried two different programming sequences that didn't work. My original key is stamped with the letters SA which his computer says call for an 80 bit blank...
  3. 2nd Generation Explorers | 1995-2001
    Title says it all. Both the steering wheel and ignition are locked up on my 1999 Explorer Eddie Baure Edition with anti-theft, awd . No amount of turning, pushing etc. works. Thank-you for any type of help on this.
1-3 of 3 Results