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  1. 3rd Generation Explorers | 2002-2005
    My dad's car broke down ( I used to drive it back in high school), it is making a terrible noise coming from the engine. I would like to buy a used low mile motor. I'm looking for a possible vendor or anyone that might have one for sale in good conditions. Also, what would be the best way to...
  2. 2nd Generation Explorers | 1995-2001
    1997 Ford Explorer 5.0 AT - I ordered and received a new radiator as mine had a leak. (Shepherd Auto Parts 1 Row w/o EOC w/ TOC OEM Style Complete Replacement Radiator) Had it installed and during the process the mechanic (I have no experience in swapping out radiators and did need to risk it)...
  3. 5th Generation Explorers | 2011 - 2019
    Hi all, first post, I'm trying to find the number of all of the bulbs to start getting replacements. I've found some PIAA H11 bulbs on amazon that are in the 3500k range and want to match the fogs to the headlights. I also want to start replacing some of the interior lights with LEDs. Thanks...
1-3 of 3 Results