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  1. Saleen Explorer XP-8 Rear Anti-sway Bar

    For Sale / Trade / Wanted
    This is a brand new never installed Saleen Explorer XP-8 rear sway bar. Incredibly rare. I bought this direct from Saleen back when they still had a few XP-8 parts in stock, but never used it. Also have a Blue Powdered Coated Explorer Express rear sway bar for sale Call, text or email for...
  2. selling bumper cover

    For Sale / Trade / Wanted
    not sure what year its original to, but I had this on my Explorer. its #33/130 I think. Looking to sell for 400, hope I can find someone that has been looking for this piece! PM me if interested!!:thankyou:
  3. XP8 Brake Question

    Saleen Explorer XP6/XP8
    Hey guys, finally received XP8 42 today and it is badass!!! Perfect shape and runs freaking awesome! Just have a question for my new friends out there. The calipers and rotors are a little rusted so I obviously can sand and put some caliper paint on them. But as far as the rotors and pads go, I...
  4. Prototype Saleen

    Saleen Explorer XP6/XP8
    Hi all! A couple months ago I bought my Explorer out of desperation. I needed a vehicle and I didn't have a whole lot of time to wrangle with a dealership or people hemming and hawing so I pretty much jumped on the first thing I could find. The guy gave me a story about how it was a Prototype...