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Passenger side front carpet soaked under mat. Removed floor trim and door sill and pulled back carpet to dry and inspect. Most water appeared to be in floor under mat, but Also present in channel that runs along edge of floor by the door sill. Moisture has migrated to back passenger side as well. Placed running water hose over sunroof channel, directly in cowl and Drenched windshield seals for about 10-20 minutes each. Did not see any additional water coming in anywhere. Wondering if AC evaporator drain is culprit, but cannot seem to locate it!?

Any thoughts or ideas? Anyone else have a similar problem?

I did run the AC for about 20 minutes to see if any new water/condensation Appeared that way...but again, nothing!

Seals around doors in good shape, no water in the doors.

Love to hear from anyone who might have a clue to offer! There was a LOT of water in there! Thanks!
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