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I have a 2004 XLS 4.0L Explorer which has the following annoying Code/Display problems:

1. The Check Gauges Light on dash illuminates randomly and goes off again. The gas tank is full and I see no other gauge indications problems. Any ideas? Yes, it comes on when gas tank is on empty.

2. Code P0453 is on all the time and comes back shortly after resetting it. Troubleshooting seems to indicate problem with sensor in gas tank and you have replace the entire gas tank to replace the sensor. This is not worth it to me. Is there a way to jumper out this fault indication or any other remedies short of replacing gas tank with new fuel pump and sensor? Yes, I already replaced the gas cap with no affect.

3. ABS light comes on randomly but not normally. If it comes on during engine start, shutting engine off and then turning it back on seems to make this light go out. Checking with a code checker, I get U1900 (Controller Network Malfunction), B2900 (VIN Mismatch) and C1805 (Mismatch PCM/ABS-TC Module). Checking the braking with snow and ice on the ground, the car does not swerve indicating that the ABS function is working. Any ideas what to do other than ignoring it?

BTW, I purchased this Explorer used so do not know the history.
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