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so, this is driving me crazy. i have a 2005 sport trac that came with the optional pioneer 6 disc stereo. i believe it also has the factory sub and amp because there was an additional 4 wire connector going into the factory head unit. i am not so much concerned with getting the amp and sub working at the moment as i am with just getting the new jvc kd-r330 to power on and play through the speakers. the biggest problem i am having is finding any wiring diagram or list that even has the same wires that are in my truck. i am going to list the wires in hopes somebody can tell me what is what.

green/black, purple/green, white/purple, pink/gray, red/orange, orange/dark green, orange/light green, white/green, tan/yellow, blue/gray, white/blue, black, one that appears to be red with a thinner black stripe, and one that appears to be black with a thinner red stripe.

the new jvc came with a connector with the following wires:
brown-tel muting
white-front left pos
white/black-front left neg
gray-front right pos
gray/black-front right neg
dark green-rear left pos
dark green/black-rear left neg
purple-rear right pos
purple/black-rear right neg

new member as of today, and this is driving me crazy. i really hope somebody can help me.
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