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Hello everyone, I have a 4WD 2012 Explorer XLT with a 178,000 km (110,000 miles) on it. I have a very noticeable clunking noise coming from the bottom of my front end suspension on both sides. I looked at many threads in different forums, but really couldn't get the right answer/hint on how I should fix it.

The noise appears when driving over bumps and when the vehicle is rocking/tilting from one side to another on a uneven road.

What I have done so far was replacing the old suspension components on both left/right sides, including:
  • Strut assembly with Mounts
  • Sway Bars
  • Stabilizer Link Bushings
  • Complete Lower Control Arm assembly
  • Inner Tie Rods
  • Outer Tie Rods
All of the parts were brand NEW and from reputed brands. However, the clunking noise is still there, which is very frustrating.

Anyone with an idea on what the real issue is or tips about it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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