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Hello everyone wondering if anybody has had the same issue:

Explorer 2017 XLT with 2.3L and AWD, 65,000 miles.

Shifting from P to R has a delay and shift hard (feels like you got hit)
While on D, accelerating through gears 2, 3, and 5 shifts are held and then shift is hard. (feels like got hit from behind)

Dealer has done initial inspection and came back with:

reset TCM software (recall was done last year) again. Still shifts hard.
Suspecting that TCM needs to be replaced.

Will need to bring car back to air test clutches and check valve body.

I'm suspecting this issue is related to https://static.nhtsa.gov/odi/tsbs/2020/MC-10181988-0001.pdf on which extended power train warranty is granted after TCM re-flash.

I actually first noticed this issue after the TCM reflash and a transmission fluid replacement last year on Oct 2021. (it wasn't as bad as it is today, I was told that the transmission software needs to re-learn so this could be a symptom of that)

I will follow up on this thread once I bring in the car for a 2nd inspection. and I receive an estimate; I'm really hoping that the extended warranty is going to cover any costs here, I'm beginning to think the Service Advisor is going to say the Customer Satisfaction Program 20N07 is only going to cover issues with the torque converter....

Anybody having similar symptoms? (if so, what was the dealership's diagnosis?)
has a dealership fixed a similar problem?
has a dealership / ford fixed your transmission based on Customer Satisfaction Program 20N07?
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