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HI, We just bought our leased 2019 Exploer Sport after the 2 years was up. Was planning on getting the 2021, but bad reviews and no trucks available in San Jose anyway. The car ran well with no problems.
Today it was 100+ degrees. I talked my husband into going to the nursery 2 miles away. the warning lights went on as he stopped for the red left turn light, then all systems alerts showed up and then it shook and turned off! The wrench was the last icon to display, and the manual says to get to a dealer right away. Had to have it towed to the dealer, thank God for AAA, the Ford tow was later and it was a horrible day to break down in the heat so everyone was calling them. At any rate, it is at the dealers now. They called and said every system was alerting when they hooked it up to their computer!
Good Grief!! Thank God the light turned red and we did not enter the very busy intersection in front of us, and thank God we did not break down in Nevada last weekend! Probably won't hear back from them until Monday when their lead shows up to work (they did not get it until 4:30 PM).

Has anyone else had something like this happen to their Explorer? We are insisting that they run a check on ALL of the computers in the car. Hope the transmission is not messed up. Thank God it was in normal mode and not 4WD or we would have had to wait for a flat bed tow. We found out the truck is FWD when not in 4WD, so it can be towed by a regular tow truck.

Side note, only 1 car noticed the flashing light and the orange triangle and went to the other left turn lane. Probably over 250 other drivers got themselves stuck behind us, honking their horns , missing the light until the Police officer pulled up behind us and put out his cones. Just ordered a new emergency kit with a full size triangle and lights! Unbelievable.
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