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I bought a used Explorer 6 weeks ago. It ran pretty well, but had some problems along the way like a power steering leak, transmission pan leak, etc...

Now, I have a bigger problem.

The truck will stall right after I start it up. If I rev it to stop it from stalling, it'll surge RPMs like crazy.

However, since I need to get to work, I found a solution. Unplugging the IAC harness makes it driveable... It sometimes stalls at stop lights, but for the most part, it works.. However, I want to fix the issue completely, so please help me out!


With the IAC plugged in, it'll stall almost right away. With the IAC unplugged, it'll work good enough... occasionally stalling here and there.

Things I have tried:

Checked for vacuum leaks
Tried 2 other IACs
Replaced the TPS
Cleaned the throttle body
Cleaned the MAF

Check Engine Light codes:

111: All okay.

Continuous Memory:
122: TP sensor input is less than Self-Test minimum.
157: MAF sensor circuit open.
158: MAF sensor shorted to power.
211: PIP circuit failure.
543: Fuel Pump Circuit Open.

998: Hard fault present.
57: Something wrong with the octane bar?
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