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99 Eddie Bauer sub and amp question

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Hey what up. I'm just blew out my 8" factory sub that came with my

Big Ed 99 Xplorer. I'm thinking about replacing with a JBL or Pioneer sub but don't know what kind of amp. Any suggestions?? Much Appreciated.

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Movin to Audio & Video forum.....

Thanks for registering! As far as the amp, if you're just going to run a small powered sub, like 100-200 watts, then you should ideally just stick to about a 200, 250 watt amp max. I'm not sure if Kicker makes amps in that small of watts, but if they do, I DEFINITELY hands down recommend them. If that doesnt work out, then I would suggest Rockford Fosgate. I generally do NOT like Rockford Fosgate amps, but for something this low of watts, it doesnt make a difference.

As for price, hard to say, dont know exactly what you want
For a sub, I would definitely recommend either Kicker or Rockford Fosgate. RF's amps are ok, but their subs are GOOD.
JL are really good as well. I just traditionally have stuck with RF or Kicker. But yeah JL are an excellent choice as well.
Definitely !!!!! eBay. You can save yourself A LOT.
then the lyrics and music along with bass are all coming from the sub?
No. Only the bass comes out of the subwoofer.
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