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I'm going to try to be brief, but please feel free to ask...

So I had my Ford Explorer and for some warranty work about a month and a half ago they had to replace the output drive shaft seal because I smelled burning fluid which was diff fluid cuz I could tell by the smell.

We also had to replace the exhaust manifold and the catalytic converter, because it comes with a single unit, but it doesn't have anything to do with what I mean. So at the time, I had 97,000 kilometres, so I was well within my 100,000-kilometre powertrain warranty.

About a day or two after I get my car back I am calling ford service and tell them im still having the same issue so we tried to schedule to get it in two or three times but the way my schedule was working and Ford doesn't have anything else available I couldn't get it in so

4,190 km later the PTU blows up and cracked the casing in three places. it subsequently damaged the transmission. I had no drive reverse I had nothing the car would not move at all It just felt like the e-brake was on when you hit the gas but it wouldn't move an inch.

I send an email to the Ford service manager he calls me and says they were going to tow it in Great I even tell them how many kilometres because he asked me how many kilometres are on the vehicle i told them 101,493. So he said don't worry about it let's just get it in here which we did. Upon inspection of the PTU, they've come to find out for themselves that the whole PTU has to be replaced and the condition of the transmission is unknown until initial repairs are completed on the PTU. They want 18 sorry let's round off to 1900 for the replacement including the labour of the PTU.

They are telling me that I have to pay for all of it. I said wait a minute you guys were the last ones to be working on the PTU the last time the vehicle was in there. You guys changed the output shaft seal on the PTU which states on the work order. They even had a problem trying to get the CV axle out of the hub it was seized in the hub so it took a mechanic one and a half hours of extra time to free the CV axle. I remember they called me and told me they have to cut the Cv axle because it is seized in the hub I said okay whatever I guess if it seized there's no other way but at that time I have no idea the mechanic spent an hour and a half trying to get it out.

So when the PTU failed I got underneath the vehicle to have a look and I see a hole in the PTU part of the casing was gone. In that hole, I could see a crack in the bearing housing and it was cracked right through to the other side. I thought the mechanic was fucking smashing the axle with a sledgehammer trying to free it from The hub for probably about an hour before he said I'm just going to cut it. My claim is negligence due to the mechanic guarguaranteeingwas hitting that axle trying to free it from The hub not knowing the amount of damage he was causing on the other end of the CV axle damaging the bearing housing. So the housing was cracked in a way that looks like impact cuz no way would have happened at least I don't think so.

There's no way when my mechanic was reinstalling the new output shot seal he didn't notice that the bearing housing cracked I find it very hard to believe so he either knew it was cracked or knew that he didn't want to get **** for it so just left it and put everything back together and kept it a secret to himself. Because not even a day or two later I'm already calling back saying I still have the problem.

So now we're going on over two weeks My car has not moved an inch in the parking lot at the dealership because I'm fighting with them that I am not paying a single penny because I believe the mechanic damaged the PTU bearing and by that bearing being broken it caused oil to leak out of the PTU and thus running it dry creating the seizure or the explosion that happened and subsequently damaging the transmission.

The funny thing is the last time my vehicle was in for repair the mechanic even stated on the notes for that particular repair that they had to replace the CV axle and hub because of the damage caused when trying to remove it. To me he just admitted damage.

So the dealership is saying that the problem now that I'm having with the PTU has nothing to do with the repair they did before.

Ford Canada takes the service tech's word for it because they told me that's what they do if that's what they're telling them.

So I want to hear everyone's opinion on my situation on whether they think the two are related and whether or not the dealership should be fixing the PTU and because subsequently damaging the transmission they're going to have to fix that as well.

At the time of the last repair, I had 97,000 roughly kilometres
I've only driven the vehicle for 4,193 KM since the last repair
I am now over the 100,000 powertrain warranty and I am currently sitting at 101,493 km
I did call two days later to let them know the problem was still happening.
According to the consumer protection act of Canada, I am within the 5,000 km warranty. For repaired parts but Ford offers a lifetime warranty on their parts or their repaired parts but again they're claiming it has nothing to do with the problem now.

I look forward to hearing some answers and some opinions from everyone on this matter because it seems to me that I'm going to be going to the arbitration process because I truly believe I'm right

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