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Never had one of these or a 4x4 for that matter so just wanted to run it by people who are familiar with this vehicle and get your opinions.

Owner says in 4wd low there's a grind or something when tight steering he says is common in 4wd vehicles. I guess this would be my biggest concern. Is it something that you can just live with or is it a ticking time bomb or of sorts?

Other than that needs power steering fluid and he says a plastic part for the front auto windows. Know about this issue?

And the speedo/odometer nor gas gauge work. Sound superficial save for the fact I'll just never know exactly how many miles it has currently.

Thoughts? I haven't seen it as it's across the state so I'd have to rent a car to check it out. Asking $1750 which sounds reasonable if his description is honest. Says it runs good otherwise. Should I take my compression tester with?
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