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I have always and I mean ALWAYS done this when flushing.
1. Drain entire system.
2. Reconnect everything and fill with straight water. Bring up to operating temp and turn on heater full blast. Let run for about 5-10 min to allow normal water to completely go through heater core and flush out all the old stuff.
3. fully drain again.
4. Leave the TOP hose off of radiator and stick the hose into the inlet of the radiator in place of the hose. (Basically, this would be the water coming FROM the engine and flowing into the radiator from the top. You’ll be ‘breaking’ this loop by doing that)
5. Turn on hose and turn everything on (run) to allow more flushing. You’ll be bringing in fresh clean water into the cooling system via hose and the fluids from coolant system will be exiting motor via the radiator hose you have disconnected.
6. flush until it runs clear
7. Reconnect upper radiator hose and fill coolant system with recommended type and amount of anti-freeze and water to specifications in owners manual.
8. Stand back and think of the $150+ you just saved yourself by doing it this way!!
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