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This is how to replace/re-install a water pump.

Required Material:

Socket Set, Fan Clutch Removal Tool, Radiator Fluid (3 gallons), A Bucket, RTV Sealant,Wire Brush



1. First you need to un-screw the holding clamp from the side of the intake tube that hooks to the throttle body.

2. Then you should unhook the crankcase breather tube.

3. Then unplug the MAF sensor plug.

4. After that set the intake tube aside.Remove the fan shroud before you start the fan blade. There are 2 bolts on top and 2 clips at the bottom.

5. The clips you dont have to remove just pull up on the shroud and it comes right out.

6.Next you want to use the fan removal tool and apply it to the bolt and start taking it off.

7.After the fan blade falls off then set the fan blade aside.

8.Next you need to remove the fan pulley in front of the water pump.There are 4 bolts to take off of this.After thats off set it aside.

9.Then after the pulley is removed take off the serpantine belt.Set that aside too.

10.Here is where you can drain the radiator or you can do that before you start to take things apart.

11.To drain the radiator untighten the radiator drain plug and sit and wait.

12.After thats done you can pull the hose to the bottom of the water pump and let that fluid drain out.

13.Then pull the smaller hose that connects to the heater core.Let that drain also.So now the radiator is drained.Now start to unbolt the water pump from the engine block.There are 7 bolts on the top and 5 on the bottom.

14.After all the bolts are taken off take the water pump off the block.Now if it is stuck then use a rubber hammer and tap it until it breaks free.

15.Here is a comparison of the old pump and the new one.

16.After the pump is taken off then take a wire brush to the gasket surface on the block and clean it good.Now take the new pump and get the RTV and run a bead around it and then stick the gasket to it and make sure its down good. Now let the pump sit a few min and let the RTV dry some so the gasket will stick better.After that take a couple bolts and put them through the holes to hold the gasket in place a little more.After that stick it to the block and start putting the bolts back in.After is bolted on then hook up the radiator and heater core hoses.After that install the pulley back onto the water pump.Then comes the fan shroud.After that put the fan blade back into place and tighten it up.Now you can either put the serpantine belt on before the fan blade or after.I found it to be easier before the fan blade went on.After the fan blade put the intake tube back onto the throttle body,install the crankcase breather tube,and then hook the MAF sensor plug back up.Now thats all done start to refill the radiator.Then keep an eye on the level for a few days.Then your all done.

Another comparison photo of the old pump and the new one.

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