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No, my engine didn't break down

What I'm wondering is if any of you could share your knowledge on engines since the Explorers inception. I'm really trying to find out which Explorer engines are built the best, which are the most performance friendly and why, and other miscellaneous info such as I believe the 96-01 Explorer XLT 5.0 V8 engines shared some sort of components or whatnot with the Mustang engine. I heard something like there isn't too much of a difference in the 5.0 engine for that and the 4.6 they were using in the Mustang, but basically that ours is "stroked." I don't even know what that means

So anyone, and I mean anyone, who knows anything no matter how small about any of the engine breakdowns, like "OHV vs. SOHC: Which is better overall and why?", I'd really like to hear it. It'd be really cool to spell everything out and use this more or less as a reference. I've heard miscellaneous reasons for things but I don't know how much validity is behind the statements....
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