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Hi all,
I just replaced the transmission on my 2003 Explorer a week ago (had it done by someone else) and the car ran perfectly fine. I have had an issue with RPM in the past and it was an ongoing thing, so I went to replace my TPS (Throttle Position Sensor) in hopes it would fix. I ended up installing it incorrectly and long story short, had to drive home about 120 miles away. After correctly installing a new TPS, the car drove great until I hit the highway.
All of a sudden my "O/D Off" indicator is flashing (which in past experience immediately screams TRANSMISSION). I checked it out with my ODBII reader, and I got code P0745 -- Basically failed solenoid A.

It kills me to think I may have broken or otherwise ruined my transmission again, or even to think I might have to take it apart myself. Has anyone had this issue before? It was probably really dumb of me to drive that far without my TPS working but I really didn't see this as a possible outcome.

Please get back to me as soon as possible, all of your responses are welcome.
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