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I don't have an XP8, didn't even know that they existed until a long time after they were gone. Don't have an explorer either, I'm more of a truck than SUV version. That said I have got a 99 Ranger 4x4 that I want to modify and I want to borrow some of what Saleen did to the Explorers.

I'm not very much into the exterior body kit, they look great on the Explorer. IMO they wouldn't carry over to the Ranger well, even if you could fit them up. What I do think would transfer over well is the stance and suspension. As I understand it the XP8 was lowered about 2" which would be fairly easy to accomplish on my Ranger as well. What size anti-sway bars did the XP8s use? Did they use standard off the shelf shocks, or was there something special spec-ed out for the drop?

Underhood I'll be starting out imitating a XP6 in displacement only (OHV instead of SOHC). Eventually I'll be upgrading it to more of an XP8 with a 5.0L swap. I know that there was an optional Supercharger (I won't be springing for that option), but looking at Wikipedia it appears that even the NA XP8 had slightly higher power output than the normal 5.0L Explorers. What did Saleen change in the engines? Was it just tuning? Difference in dynos?

Interior is probably the main area that I want to imitate. I want to upgrade seats, add center console, and possibly some cosmetic bits.

How did the Recaro seats mount into the Explorer? Did they mount to Ford bracket/tracks with adapters, did Recaro make their own mounting bracket/sliders, or was there a third party part used to install them in the Explorer? I'm guessing that Recaro made their own, and I recall seeing mention of someone reproducing it, but never saw who or where. I've potentially got a line on a set of like new Recaro Style Topline XL seats (I understand the Style was used by Saleen), but I'm not sure that I want to pay the 1500 for them. May go for some other OEM type Recaros, I imagine any would be an improvement and probably mount about the same.

Were the non-Recaro seats the normal Explorer units?

I've seen pictures of carbon fiber radio bezel and possibly other pieces, as well as silver/gray gauge face and AC controls. Were these carbon fiber pieces like the "painted carbon fiber" factory pieces found in the Mazdas? Were the silver/gray pieces the same ones found in other non-Saleen Explorers?

I think I'm going to possibly have other questions, but these are what I can think of right now.
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