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Found something else I want.... gotta sale this one. In mint condition.

Product Details: JVC KD-LH1000 200-watt 3D Graphics CD Receiver

The JVC KD-LH1000 features a full-motion 3D graphics display with a palette of 1728 colors to choose from. Twelve custom colors are preset, but you are encouraged to mix the 12 gradations of the red, green, and blue primary colors to create a background all your own. A wide variety of animations and patterns for start up and changing functions are also on hand to add to your mobile excitement.

Features include:

  • 200W maximum power output (50W x 4)

    3D dot-matrix multi-color LCD display with contrast control

    1728 color variations

    CD-R/CD-RW compatible

    Keychain-style wireless remote control

    Detachable control panel with carrying case

    iEQ (3-band parametric)

    Gold-plated line output terminals (2 pairs)

    Subwoofer output terminals with level/frequency control

    Rotary encoder multi-control

    Flip-down face

    Switchable dimmer

    CD text, disc name registration

    Disc name registration, random/repeat play, intro scan CD changer modes

    CD player intro scan

    1-bit D/A converter

    CD random and repeat play modes

    Direct track access (1-12)

    Direct disc select (1-12)

    HS-IIIi tuner

    18 FM/6 AM presets

    Station name registration

    SSM (for FM)



    Electronic volume control

    Preamp fader control

    • $200 shipped

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Just so you know you can buy this brand new for $147 on eBay
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