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I have put together the best from everyone to make my Suspension very tight!

For my O1 Sport 4x4. I lowered the front 3.5"s, the rear 1". Gave it the look I was looking for, Sport not Slammed.

Then Saleen Anti-Away bars front and back. I added Energy Suspension Pollyurathain bushing and endlinks. Made an even bigger difference than just the sway bars with stock rubber bushings.

Then installed Bilstein Shocks, from Saleen again. These are made for lowered 4-door Explorers. The fit is just right. And the extra stiffness from being for the heaver 4 door makes them even better for my application.

Now the truck corners like a shopping cart! Very, very, very little sway if any! I love it!

Here is a pic I choped in half to show the lowering of the front:

1 - 16 of 16 Posts
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