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And another problem with our 2020 limited which started today. When my wife came home, she told me we had to take her Explorer for a test drive because it was jerking when she started applying the brakes. Took it for a spin and sure enough, when I applied the brakes, the car jerked HARD. I put it into the different modes and it does it in all modes, but not only when applying the brake, it also does some hard shifts while driving. This reminds me of the hard transmission jerks my 2010 Escape had from time to time when I first got it, but mainly when it was downshifting. Ford cured that with a PCM reprogram. Our Explorer was doing this today while driving up a hill, going down a hill, and also when applying the brake while driving faster than 15 mph.

Add that one to the loud popping noises from underneath the vehicle while driving 45 mph or faster and the plastic a-pillar inside the driver's side door falling off after we closed the door.

Vehicle has less than 5,000 miles on it
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