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Afternoon all,

recently I had some work done on my truck. New catalytic converter, muffler, tail pipe, full tune up, idle air control valve, and the EGR exhaust gas recirculation sensor thing.

it’s been running pretty well, but recently here it’s been acting up. It’s been idling funny, wanted to stall when coming to a stop (which has gone away when I replaced the EGR) and now recently its stalled after its been running for a bit and is jerky when accelerating.

first problem. When driving up my drive way, and parking, it would stall, or almost stall and correct itself. Replaced the EGC and ran some seafoam through it and drove it around the block every day and the stalling when parking went away.

I bought a veepeak OBDCheck BLE to pull any codes that might be happening. Only had 3 show up (I’ll attach those below). Still drive it around the neighborhood to get the seafoam through and then ran down the block to get gas since I hadn’t filled up since March (or really driven it since I wasn’t working and it needs inspection). Half a tank in and I’m waiting to pull out and the car stalls. Start it back up and stalls again. Start it again give it some gas and I’m clear to turn and it accelerates with a slight sputter. I’m driving it home and I feel like a shutter and the car reverts back to smoother driving. No sputtering while pressing the gas. I get home. Up the drive and into my spot. It doesn’t stall. I let it sit and run. Maybe it’s the old gas that’s left (wasn’t but a 1/4 tank left from before). I turn it off and let it sit.

after lunch I come out since the rains holding off, and decide to tinker with it some more. Another forum I’m part of said maybe it’s a vacuum issue. I YouTube How to check for and can’t find a video that’s exactly my year so I check all the tubes and remove the plastic cover and check all that and everything looks fine. No visible cracks, everything is still pretty mailable to the touch. One video mentions something about o rings which requires removing part of the engine that I’m not all that skilled to do.

I start it up and run the OBD again, check for the codes. Same 3. But this is from all before. I clear the codes out and just like that the car stalls. Did clearing codes do that? Or is it because it recently ran.

I’ll post screen shots of everything I got from the code reader. I’ll also include a pic the gauge that flips up when I turn the key (not even running).

appreciate the help on this. I was also wondering. If I replaced one cat should I have done the other one? The guy at the shop only said to do one in pointing out what needed to be fixed. And that one was well off (it was glowing after a 7 minute drive to the shop). My dad always said if you have more then one change them both.

appreciate any help. I figure I’m going to need to take it back to the shop (Or get a mechanic friend over here), but if there’s anything I can do to lessen the damage already done or get any parts, that would be great!! Thanks!!

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