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Front centre console latch replacement for the lid

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I'm a Canadian and owned my 2007 Explorer LTD 4x4 for about 6 years and it still looks brand new! Though it's a bit hard on fuel with the V8 4.6L engine it's still purrs like a kitten and I like it very much. Plan to keep it until the wheels fall off.

I have a small problem and hope someone here can help. My front centre console {between the driver and passenger} lid latch has broken and the console lid will not stay down. I took the latch off and tried using the part listed on it to find a replacement online but literally spent 4 hours going through many, many websites with no success.

The only option I could find was replacing the complete console lid but mine is in excellent condition and I don't need the lid...only the tiny plastic latch. Sure don't want to spend $100 to buy the lid just to get the latch either.

I attached a photo and hope someone can tell me where I can buy the latch without having to buy the whole lid.

Thanks in advance!
All the best.


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