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I have a 2014 Ford Explorer and we have no way to turn off the interior lights when the hatch is open and the radio is on. We go to the local drive in movies during the spring and summer and you need to use your radio for sound to hear the movie. The lights though are a big distraction when the whole car is lit up in the middle of a parking lot including all the mirror lights.

I called Ford today to ask for a help with this and this is a known issue. The solution was for them to try and reprogram my computer with the blackout kit option the police use where my lights don't stay on. The kicker is they want to charge me $50 to do this after paying $30k+ for the vehicle. I think this is BS and a big design problem on Ford's part. If you don't offer any switch or menu option on the screen to turn them off the owner is basically screwed. I am scheduled for them to try to do the blackout reprogram next week which they were not even sure it would work.:ranting:

End Rant!
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