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So I just bought a 2015 Explorer XLT from Carmax. I do all repairs myself and know that I can take it to Carmax for these issues but would rather save a trip there and a day or two with a rental (spent 9 hours at carmax the day I got it 🙄). It does not have remote start so they key fob has an actual key along with 3 buttons (lock, unlock, alarm). None of those buttons work even with a new battery. I tried the relearn process (cycle key 8 times, etc) and a message on the dash said something along the lines of "key not found".
As far as the A/C goes, it's not cold at all. Blows plenty of air, just not cold. Freon level is fine.
Anyone have any experiences with these issues? Carmax is a royal PITA.
Thanks in advance for any help!
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