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I have a JL Stealth Box with a 10W1 loaded inside. I was wondering what is the most powerful JL 10 inch subwoofer i can put into that box. I want to

try and get one 10 maxed out in that box. Also how much watts can I put to it.



Good morning Matt,

Judging by your e-mail address I assume you have a Ford Explorer Stealthbox.

As is, this enclosure will not accommodate any larger woofer because of it's

limited mounting depth and the shape of the back of the enclosure. But with

some small mods, the 10W6Ae can be made to fit. First you must remove the

rubber magnet boot from the 10W6Ae. Then you'll need to grind just enough

from the inside of the enclosure where the woofer magnet contacts the

enclosure side. With these mods completed you'll have a subwoofer capable of

handling 300watts of power. Good luck with the mods...


Don Vertrees

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