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Well I got the 17" Cobra R wheels wrapped in 255/60/17 Toyo Proxies from Brad! LOL

Now if some of you are wondering, "Rob, why did you buy another set of Cobra R's especially when you had the same thing before?" the answer is because I couldn't use my old set anymore on my Explorer! The tires were too damn wide and the cost to replace the tires on there (They were 275, and I needed 255) would cost the same as what it cost me to buy these new wheels AND tires from Brad.

These are guarenteed not to rub as they are not nearly as wide as my old set, plus the other thing is where the lugnuts go on the insides were marked up and on two wheels it was pretty bad from this stupid Ford dealer incident way back in November. These wheels from Brad are in pristine condition and I will obviously make sure that these wheels don't get a single mark on them!

The other thing that I learned was that the 55 tire was just too thin for 17's. Maybe it was just those Dunlops I don't know, but the 55 series tire was just a tad too thin because the ride was too rough. I hate using my stock wheels and they do feel incredibly clunkly at times but at least its not that rough ride those Cobra R's gave me. So this is perfect because it has the right tire sidewall height I am looking for...oh, not to mention these are Toyo Proxies! 8)

Since the cost of monotoning my truck is a hell of a price plus I got a hell of a deal on these Cobra R wheels from Brad, I said I would just go all out and hook up my truck. I can't ride on stock wheels once my truck is monotoned (within 3 weeks), it will just kill the look I will finally have. So this is perfect, my new wheels and the paintjob will be done at basically the same exact time.

The LAST thing I am upgrading to my car is the rotors + brakes and then I am completely done with my Explorer. The interior is completely done as well as the exterior (after the monotone) and I made up my mind that there's no point investing any money into the 4.0 engine.
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