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Hi all, I am a long time explorer owner. My first explorer was not an explorer, it was a 1998 Mountaineer. Although still in my possession it is currently out of commission after having been vandalized several years ago (legal stuff ongoing).
I am currently driving an 2003 Explorer Eddie Bauer V8 4x4. I have enjoyed this truck very much but the list of issues has been growing lately and the issue that really disgusts me is the unbelievable amount of rot it was hiding under the running boards.
I considered selling it but I came across a 2002 V6 XLT that supposedly had a bad transmission and picked it up for $600. Aside from a little damage on the passenger rear quarter, it is in very good shape with no rot and very little rust. I was able to drive it on and off the trailer and then up some steep hills without much of a fight, I haven't been able to get it past 1st gear yet, so a road test will provide more info.
My intent was and still is to do a body swap onto my 03 Eddie. This would let me keep my V8 (which has new timing chains) and leave a spare V6 for my sister's 04 XLT Sport or my girlfriends 04 XLS should the need arise (and knowing the 4.0 it will).

I'm looking for someone to talk me into or out of this project. Any and all helpful thoughts are welcome and appreciated.

Other notable explorer's in my life:
My mom had an 04 XLT Sport (She traded it in for an 07 CR-V, whatever)
My dad has a 99 Explorer Limited (picked it up for $900 only needed new front axle, brakes, and windshield)
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