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Good day to you all. Noob to the site so please forgive any infractions but being a noob is acceptable to me so fire away.
I have a 2008 Explorer that has gone through 4 transmissions since new. Yes it has near 200,000 kms but has always had good care and servicing. Cannot seem to keep a working transmission in the thing. My other explorers from the late '90 all work great which is why I bought this one. And have kept them for staff use. No other issues but having the bottom fill fluid is a right royal pain in the backside. This one is a V8. The others are V6's. I would like to take the transmission out of the 98 Eddie Bauer edition and put it in the V8 '08. Possible? Thought I would ask the experts before going off on a wild goose chase. Have a full hobby workshop so space and tools are not an issue.
No noticeable leaks on the tranny but the transmission will just stop moving the car. Just like it has run out of fluid. All the times before the local transmission shops have given me different reason for the failures. However on inspection in two cases when I was present at the removal it looked like no fluid was the culprit.
This last time after only a 3 month old complete rebuild I get a code P1715 (shift solenoid B inductive Signature error) Say what?
What say you?
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