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Hello Explorer Community, I am just now finding this site and I am very glad to have stumbled upon it! I am currently in the process of upgrading my 2007 4WD XLT to have a 3" suspension lift, 31" tires, full 360 LED lighting, tow hooks, and rocker panels. I have many questions about what I will be doing and many words of advice for what I have done so far for anybody looking to do the same thing.

So far, I have installed the following
-14" LED Bar on grill via license plate mount
- Dedicated switch for 14" bar installed
-42" LED Bar with RGB halo (with wireless remote for halos) via custom made mount that connects to the roof rack rails mounting joints
- dedicated LED toggle switch and relay for the 42" install
-RGB Interior Smart LED Strips for front and back foot area
-Roof Rack Cage Installation
-Hitch Step
-Rear Tail/reverse/turn signal/hazard LED Bar installed on bumper.
-7" LED bars mounted to both driver and passenger sides of the roof rack (not wired in yet)
-2 LED Pods mounted to the rear of the roof rack (not wired in yet)

Installation to come
- 3" Suspension lift (budget lift) with space blocks
-aftermarket wheels (still 17" but upgrading from 7.5" width to 9")
-31" tires
- most likely some trimming of the wheel wells and fender wells.
-replacement horn (preferably upgraded to deeper in tone and louder)
-Installation of external relay box unit to house 6 separate relays for auxiliary accessories
- installation of switcher box under dashboard for auxiliary accessories
-mounting of 7" LED bars to front and back undercarriage
-wiring of roof rack lighting
-wiring of undercarriage lighting
-wiring of relays
-wiring of switch box
-mounting of tow hooks
-mounting and wiring of 360 cameras and undercarriage cameras
-timing chain replacement
-upgraded ball joints
-replacement wheel bearings
-replacement oil pan gaskets (lower)
-replacement mirrors

If anybody is interested I have photos of what I have done so far and can provide pictures or videos of upcoming installations.
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