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Hello! New guy here and hope to find a solution.

2016 Explorer XLT 3.5

Started to overheat this past weekend. Typically the heat guage runs about a third the way up between cold and hot. After this weekend, it started getting HOT. After internetting and googling I discovered these have Active Grill Shutters. Well, my shutters are shuttering. They are closed and do not seem to be opening on start up or any other time. No test cycle, as I have read they do at start up, nothing. No warning lights or messages on the dash, nothing.

I propped the shuttters open and it doesn't overheat anymore, but it is running warmer than it used to, about half way between cold and hot.

I ran the "test mode in start up" it says my coolant temperature is 92c. (188.6f)

Something is going on and I know I can't keep the shutters propped open indefinitely, so if anyone can help. I would be grateful.
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