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1996 Ford Explorer XLT - 2WD V6

The other day, I started feeling a rough idle and, given the fact that this isn't my first experience, my thought was "Damn it... Gotta change the plugs again."

So, I did, and no improvement. I checked the wires when I changed the plugs, but they didn't look bad; still, I changed them anyways and no improvement.

Got the engine code pulled and it came up with a P0302 code - Cylinder [email protected] misfire.

Picked up a new coil pack and removed the old one to get it tested. On the old coil pack, all of the coils gave about a 13 ohm reading; the threshold I was told it had to be was between 10 ohms and 15 ohms. The guy tested the new one simultaneously, and the new one returned a 10-11 ohm reading on all of the coils.

I don't want to put the new coil pack on in a gamble of it making a difference and providing a solution (and in hopes if saving 75 buckaroos)

Picked up some Seafoam and a new fuel filter that will be put on tomorrow thinking it could be bad fuel injectors and it could, crossing my fingers, clean 'em out without having to dig and pull them.

What else am I missing? What are the possibilities of the old coil pack being the issue?

Also, it only idles and runs rough around 1500-2000rpms. Anything higher and it's smooth, but it does have issues going up hills.

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