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I am french and living in Bordeaux (France). I own a ford explorer 4WD 4,O V6 Sohc engine eddy bauer 1998, and I have a problem finding the paking cabled.

The ones I have taken off neasure respectively 55,18 inches (130 cm) and 55,11 inches (140 cm)

I have bought "compatible" parking brake cables from rockauto, but they are too long for one and too short for the other one. And they have no parking brake cables matching the length which suit ma car
Having gone through many other sellers, same pb.
Could someone tell me where I could go to gave thoses cables ? I would ne moste gratefull as my Explorer is sticking in a garage, because not allowed to drive without...

Another question, Why are "my" cables so different of those said to suite a Ford Explorer ?

Thanks in adavnce for your help

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