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4 sale like new bought on 7/2/03 with 4 year extended warrenty from best buy

reg price $380

Brief stats:

MOSFET 50W x 4

XM Satellite Radio Ready

WMA / MP3 CD-ROM Playback

ID3 Tag Capability (32 character with Auto-Scroll, On/Off)

Hi-volt RCA Preouts (x3 pair, Front, Rear & Sub) (4V)

Organic EL Display with new white color

Full Dot design (128x33 + 24x33 pixel)

Entertainment mode with Full-motion 3D graphic animations

2 screensavers (Water Board, WRC Racing)

2 Level Meters

4 background animations

Two-Way Crossover

Front/Rear HPF (50/80/125Hz,


Selectable LPF (Low Pass Filter) (50/80/125Hz,


Sub-Out Level (-12dB to +12dB) and Phase Control

Independent Subwoofer Outputs

click 4 pioneer web site
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