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Hi all!

A couple months ago I bought my Explorer out of desperation. I needed a vehicle and I didn't have a whole lot of time to wrangle with a dealership or people hemming and hawing so I pretty much jumped on the first thing I could find.

The guy gave me a story about how it was a Prototype Saleen, but I just figured it was a story to get more money out of me since he couldn't realy prove it. I didn't really care, since I'd spent two weeks trying to find something reasonable.

Today in traffic, though, a guy got out and told me he used to own the Explorer and that he had the story on it. He gave me his business card.

Anyone know anymore about this?

Looks pretty much like this one - http://www.ridejudge.com/picture/1730.

Now that I'm more settled in (had just moved at the time) I'm looking for something a little better on gas. Definitely willing to sell, a real enthusiast deserves the car, if it is real.

I'll check out the VIN tonight and post it.


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