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For me, it hopefully will not be the last time. No, it was too much fun to be a "once in a lifetime" experience. Recently, on behalf of ExplorerX, I was able to get a hands on, rubber-to-pavement road test of Joe C.'s 2000 Saleen XP8 - supercharged. If this doesn't send a tingling down your spine, please call your doctor.

We have debuted a new content section, ExplorerX Features - and along with it, our first major feature: Road Test: Joe C.'s 2000 Saleen XP8.

So who is "Joe C.", you ask? Well let's just call him Joe - he's the proud owner of a 2000 Saleen XP8, who just so happens to live in the exact same town as myself. One fateful day, I became one with the XP8 - and went for a ride no SUV owner ever has...

What are you waiting for? Read the article and then post here in the Forums!
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